Our Window on Nature

. . . exploring the world around us


When we decided many years ago to leave the Los Angeles area, we sold our house, stored most of our possessions, and drove away in our motorhome. We gave ourselves a year to discover a new neighborhood. It didn’t take that long.

We were soon wholly involved in our outdoor surroundings, chasing birds and photographing rainbows. We quickly determined that leaving the big city was going home. A motorhome may seem small to many, but not when you have the natural world right on your doorstep. It did, however, leave the problem of earning a living.

So we became writers and photographers of natural history. Our interest has stood the test of the years, and we’ve traveled in 49 of the 50 states in order to see how each one provides a distinctive view of the world. Over 20 years ago we penned our first nature column, and although our travel is no longer full-time, a quote from it still expresses our feelings.

Our home is the desert, and the mountains, and the seashores. And we’d like to show you our backyard, explain its features and its delights.

Join us in Our Window on Nature and make it Your Window on Nature too.

Lowell & Kaye

P.S. Follow this link to read our first nature piece:  Motorhomes and Mysteries.

Kaye Christie died of Alzheimer’s Disease after a long illness in April of 2014.

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