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Watching TV(s)

Filed under: Birds — Lowell Christie -- February 25, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

TVs in TreeEach winter we have an influx of avian visitors from farther north. Most are small and visit our feeders, but a few larger birds congregate in our area. Within walking distance there are several roosts where we can catch the TV show if we get there early enough in the morning.

For the non-birders among you, TVs are Turkey Vultures. With a red featherless face, many consider them ugly up close, but when they soar in their search for food they are graceful masters of the sky.

Although they join together in roosts at night, they spend much of their day in solitary flight, but first they have to get warm. During the night the Turkey Vultures let their body temperature drop by as much as four degrees to save energy.

If they have found some protected area for the evening hours, they will edge out into the sun as soon as it comes up. And often, before they take to the air, they will spread their wings to bask in the early warming rays. Not a bad idea on these chilly mornings.


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