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Water on Mars

Filed under: Sky — Lowell Christie -- December 6, 2006 @ 10:35 am

Water on MarsNASA released several photos today showing the possibility of water on Mars. They didn’t actually find the water, but by comparing photographs taken in August 1999 with the same location in September 2005, there is exciting news. The new picture shows a major change that occurred some time in the last five to seven years. According to the NASA website

The atmosphere on Mars is so thin that liquid water cannot persist at the surface. However, researchers propose that water could remain liquid long enough, after breaking out from an underground source, to carry debris before totally evaporating and freezing.

The photo at the left shows the before and after pictures, and scientists believe the several hundred foot long white streak was caused by flowing water. If this is the case, it increases the possibility of finding microbial life on Mars.


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